Bagan Event Calendar 2015

07 Jan 14 to 22 Jan 12. Ananda Pagoda Festival in Bagan

Ananda Pagoda Festival is one of the biggest in Bagan. Though held mostly to worship and raise funds for upkeep of the Buddha, commerce flourishes among the tents set up around the Pagoda. Villagers in bullock carts add to the festive atmosphere.

07 Feb 12. Nhtet Pyit Taung Pagoda Festival in Bagan

The Nhtet Pyit Taung Pagoda Festival is a small festival in Nyaung Oo celebrated by villagers, marked by the setting up of stalls selling local products, and the preparation of HTAMANE, a sticky rice dish prepared with peanuts, ginger and onions to be shared by all. In prosperous years, traditional entertainers are invited to present stage shows including dances, opera and drama.

12 Apr 12 to 16 Apr 12. Water Festival

Water Festival image

Water Festival is the run-up to Myanmar New Year. People splash water on each other to commemorate the passage of time, washing away past misdeeds, hoping for spiritual renewal and praying that the monsoon will bring bountiful harvests.

17 Apr 12. Thingyan - Myanmar New Year

After the last day of the Water Festival on 16 April, on the following day 17 April Thingyan marks the start of the Myanmar New Year following the lunar calendar.

05 May 12. Kason Full Moon Day

The Full Moon Day of Kason is marked by the water-pouring ceremony at the Maha-Bodhi tree, the holy Bodhi tree (Fiscus Religiosa) at the foot of which Gotama Buddha attained Buddhahood.

Kason Full Moon Day image